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Photos matter!

Since pets are usually active and unpredictable, having them pose for hours is unrealistic. To best capture your pet you need a great photo!

Some tips:​

​FOCUS. Not to state the obvious but it's hard to capture your pets distinctive details when an image is blurry or taken from too far away.

PERSONALITY. Try to get a photo that best describes your pet's personality. If your pet's favorite toy is a ball, include that. If your pet is a couch potato, snap a photo of your lounging pet. You get the picture (pun intended.)

EYE TO EYE. Sometimes the eyes say it all. A photo where your pet's eyes are visible and/or looking at you can make for a great portrait. TREATS are a sure-fire way to accomplish this. Getting down on your pet's level also offers a great perspective.

LIGHTING. Natural lighting is best. Aim for outdoor lighting or dramatic lighting from a window. No flash please.

UNCROPPED. Try to get all of your pet, or your pet's entire face in the photo. It's difficult to recreate when a pet's ears are missing or the top of a head is cut off.

MULTIPLE PHOTOS. Providing multiple photos is encouraged! If you have a favorite, please note that. Having many photos to look at for reference helps me to determine accurate color and a sense of character!

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